Friday, April 22, 2011

Using the Stairs for Community and Connection

Facebook and Twitter are one of the most used ways in which people have been communicating to each other online now for the past few years. This virtual community allows others to see what is happening in our friends lives and the lives of others.

However are we really connecting with one another? Or are Facebook and Twitter great ways to communicate with one another that is more superficial?

Facebook and Twitter are great tools but as human beings we still look for the visceral experience of connecting with one another in a real life situation. It is in our nature to belong to a real community of people, rather then an online digital world of thousands.

As human beings we want to engage all of our senses to the experience that we are having. I.e - Touch, hearing, seeing and feeling. Emotional connections help bond us together and give a sense of true belonging.

Although Facebook and Twitter are great for communicating to our fellow human beings, they lack the human and emotional connection that we all seek.

What we as human beings want and desire is to be a part of a "tribe" of people all moving in the same direction. We all want to feel part of something that touches us emotionally.

Simply put a tribe is a community of people who all come together for one purpose: To bond with individuals who have similar goals, aspirations, desires and dreams.

Our stairclimbing meet-up groups allow for individuals to connect with each other on an emotional level. There is a real sense of community and belonging in our meet-up groups that you cannot duplicate in the online world of Facebook and Twitter.

Bringing people together to share a higher purpose is really what our stair climbing groups are all about.

Our Meet-up groups allow for people to join a real community of people who together form a tribe. Moreover it allows for people to experience an amazing connection with people that cannot be found online.

Our goal in each StairClimbing Meet-up group is to bring individuals together to share common experiences and to build a sense of community and connection among the tribe.

To join our stairclimbing meet-up groups and belong to an amazing tribe of people please visit our meet-up group website

To start your own stairclimbing tribe in your area please visit our StairClimb Meetup Chapter of Canada Website

For more information on The Canada StairClimbing Association please visit our website

Till next time, Step Strong!

Trevor Folgering
The Canada StairClimbing Association

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