Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The CN Tower Stair Climb, October 2011...The results

Ahhh it all over! The big race up the CN Tower 2011 has ended. I wanted to share my experience with everyone on this amazing race!

The CN Tower is 144 stories or 1,776 steps of pure pain and pleasure! It was great fun to get up at 4 am and go down and meet some amazing people! This was my 10th time racing up the tower and I must say it was the best race I have had so far.

I arrived at the tower at 5 am Saturday October 23rd and was greeted by many people who were already standing in line. I lined up and got ready to register.

I had an amazing film crew film my warm-up and stretching routine. I will post this as soon as they have completed the video.

My plan was to climb as fast as I could to the 72nd floor and then keep on pushing until I had nothing left.

The beginning of the race was great. We had timing chips on which made the race that much more accurate and exciting. As I began to climb I had a burst of energy and really pushed hard.

I made it to the 72nd floor in 5 minutes. This was a new record for me as it took me longer to reach mid way previous climbs. I continued to really push myself, pulling on the handrails and driving up two steps at a time. It was great!

I knew I was close to beating my PB. As I climbed I really noticed my lungs hurting. It is never the legs that hurt, its always the lungs.

The best feeling is getting to the 144th floor and swiping that chip timer over the mat. Its over and done. 11 minutes of pain and hurt DONE!

The best thing about the climb is after its all over you have to climb another 6 floors! OUCH!

As I got to the observation deck I was the first climber there and was greeted by the volunteers. I pumped my fists in the air and smiled. I loved the feeling of being the first climber to the top.

As others finished many people commented how fast I was going. It was a great feeling to be complimented by other athletes.

I finished the climb in 11 minutes and 19 seconds. Second overall in the public climb and 3rd overall for 12,000 total climbers.

I still have been denied beating the 10 minute mark and proving that it can be done!

In April I will beat the 10 min mark!

Now I am taking a nice week off to myself, and letting my body heal and relax.

In True Health,

Canada StairClimbing Association

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  1. First of all Congratulations, I really admire you, this will be my first time trying, I really hope I can make it to the final step...where do you train and how can I really get myself ready for such an amazing experience, I'm a 53 years old female an I will say in a good shape.