Thursday, June 11, 2015

Trevor Folgering Talks About Labels and Living in the Moment

To fully become physically well and living at your best, it is important to stop using destructive labels. Many people walk around labelling themselves as ill, tired, depressed, overweight and fatigued. These labels keep us from getting better physically, but they also keep us from moving forward and becoming the healthiest versions of ourselves. This blog is going to focus on the destructive path that giving yourself a label will produce and give you some alternatives to start seeing your life differently which will give you a fighting chance at becoming a vibrant, healthy individual.

Words of Wisdom: Life is a CHOICE! 

 Through this clip of one of my favorite movies "The Peaceful Warrior" - the character Socrates played by Nick Nolte responds that life is a choice, you can choose to be a victim or  anything else that you choose to be. This statement shows just how powerful our minds are! Our minds control our body, yet how often do we really label, judge and put ourselves into a box of sickness and disease. Have you ever said the following to yourself?
  • I am always feeling tired
  • I feel depressed today
  • I am never going to get better
  • I am a failure
  • I am overweight and will never lose weight
  • I do not deserve to feel better
  • I am not athletic, so why bother exercising
  • I also will be sick
  • I don't deserve a healthy body
These are just some of the judgments that we carry around with us on a daily basis. Many people call these the stories that we tell ourselves. These stories are the limiting beliefs that keep us from really experiencing a life of joy and health. We can also put ourselves in a box and put a label on our bodies, which limits us in what we do and ultimately how healthy we become. What are some of the labels that you put on yourself?
  • I have diabetes
  • I have adrenal fatigue syndrome
  • I have depression
  • I am an alcoholic
  • I am overweight
  • I am unhealthy
This list is just a few examples of the labels that we give to ourselves. Labelling your self is a very destructive way to live your life. it suppresses your true self and limits your mind from moving into a more positive state of being.

Take out the Trash

From this brillant scene from the same movie the peaceful warrior we see that Taking out the trash refers to anything that is keeping you from living within the moment, which is the only thing that really matters in life! We have no control over the future and we certainly cannot change the past. So we must live within this moment - right here, right now with certainty, clarity and purpose. So giving yourself a label allows you to live full heartedly in the past. Like a ball and chain wrapping around your ankle, you carry that label around with you day in and day out, wondering when it will get better. Why not break the shackles of that ball and chain, get rid of it, throw it out. Your past does not equal the present. In other words you are not your past. So many people live in their past and that's why so many people are still sick, tired and overweight.

Writing a New Script For Yourself

 If a goose wanted to fly east for the winter instead of south, would they be able to?? No! It is programmed into them to always fly south for the winter. Unlike geese, human beings are unique in our genetic evolution. We have the opportunity to write our own script. If you do not like the life your leading right now and need a change, you can rip up your current script that you're using and start fresh. Let me ask you something, do you watch the same movie over and over again even if you don't like it? I highly doubt that you would. Well why do you keep on labeling yourself, using limiting statements and forcing yourself to live in the past??? The answer is real simple - Conditioning.

You have to condition your mind to start accepting a new way of thinking, in other words accepting a new reality. You must live in the moment and begin to think differently about who you are as a person!

Break free of the bonds that hold you back. How we view ourselves can propel us forward or bring us to the depths of despair.

 How are you labeling yourself? Can you get out of your own way?? 

So if you have followed me this far down the rabbit hole, now is your turn to shine. Take a few moments to figure out the labels that are forcing you to stay stuck in the past. Remember, your past does not equal your future. You are not your mistakes, you are not a disease, you are not a bunch of symptoms. You are an incredibly powerful human being that has limitless potential. The real question is can you get out of your own way to make that happen. Too many people are stuck because they cannot get out of their own way. They live in their negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. To be a truly healthy individual you must let that go, and live within the moment, free of labels. So the biggest question is... Can you let go of it all and just live in this moment.

The Next Step

I would love to work with you on helping you become the healthiest version of yourself. I don't just work with you on fitness and nutrition which is only a very SMALL portion of being truly happy and healthy. Psychology is everything! The mechanics of losing weight and creating a healthier life is only 20 percent. The remaining 80 percent is psychology. It is removing those roadblocks and returning from a state of sickness into a state of health. I would be honoured to help remove your limiting beliefs and labels and show you what is really possible when you live within the present moment, take out the trash and live without labels. If you would like to begin your road to health, please contact me at or click this link to begin your journey with me.

Keep on Thriving!

Trevor Folgering

Monday, June 8, 2015

Trevor Folgering Talk About Healthy Alternatives to Wheat and Grains

If you read my last blog post regarding the ill effects of eating grain, this is a continuation of that blog post, introducing some of the healthy foods that can be eaten instead of grain. If you missed my last blog post, you can find it here.

Detoxing From Grains - What to Expect 

When you make the conscious choice to remove all grains and wheat from your diet, you are going to go through a period of detoxification. The reason for this is in part of the protein called Glidan, which acts as an opiate in the brain, much like class of drugs called opiates, it stimulates your brain to crave more grains. Once glidan is removed from your diet, the brain and body go into a slight withdrawal phase. This is called opiate withdrawal. Now not everyone will go through this withdrawal phase, it happens to about 40 percent of individuals who stop eating grains.

This is by no means as terrible as coming off of a hard drug, however it isn't pleasant by any means. The withdrawal symptoms can include, nausea, headaches, fatigue, depression and mood swings. Now the good news is that everyone survives and the symptoms only last two days to a week.

Now there are ways to cope with these withdrawal symptoms. Below are some tips to offer some relieve if you begin to experience any of these side effects after coming off of grains.
  1. Pick a good time to do this - Make sure when you cut grains, pick a time where you are less stressed and under pressure to do certain tasks.
  2. Hydrate - It is very easy to become dehydrated when you cut out grains, because when you start to lose weight, much of the weight in the beginning will be water weight, so it is really easy to become dehydrated. Hydrate more than usual.
  3. Add back the Salt - When you lose water, you also lose salt, so add back into your diet a mineral rich salt, like sea salt Not a lot, but a light sprinkle over your healthy alternative food will be fine.
  4. Add Magnesium into your diet - Virtually everyone has a magnesium deficiency due to the lack of magnesium in our produce and water supply. Very often when someone cuts out grains they experience cramps of the hands and Charlie horses in the calves, so consider a magnesium supplement.
  5. Pamper yourself - Get a massage, watch a funny movie and DON'T EXERCISE. You are going to feel awful so don't make it worse :)
  6. Seek Support - This could be a friend, spouse, neighbour, someone who understands what you're going through. It helps to talk about what you're going through and have someone listen and lend a sympathetic ear.
Remember there is nothing wrong with you, it's what's right with you. but it is a process you will have to go through to get better.

Eating Alternative - What to Eat

So if you have just cut out grains, what exactly do you eat?  A simple fundamental rule is to look for single, one ingredient foods. So if you have greens and vegetables in your refrigerator you know that's free of wheat, gluten and other grains. Also clean cuts of meats such as lamb, poultry, steaks etc. Raw almonds and nuts are great too, so real, natural single ingredient foods where no food manufacturer has added some form of grain.

Keep in mind also that we just took away this appetite stimulant from your food intake. So a very common theme that many people observe is that they are not as hungry during the day. So now you can focus on fueling the body properly throughout the day.

The other not so obvious problem is that wheat is often hidden in processed foods and called different names like "Rue" or "Hydrolyzed Vegetable protein" or "Penko" There are about 40 alias for wheat and a dozen for corn. So the solution is to not eat foods that have a label. However if you do eat some processed foods, just be aware that wheat can be hidden with different names.

Additionally do not reach for "gluten-free foods. Gluten free foods usually have junk carbohydrates that are added which make the food taste the same and have the same consistency as their grain counterparts.

If you would really like to see some recipes and meal examples that are free of grains, wheat and gluten, please become a member. For only 49.95/month you will be introduced to recipes that are healthy and are void of grains and wheat. You can become a member by today by clicking here
Of course if you stop eating grains and wheats are you going to be in perfect health? No of course not. Just like an alcoholic who stops drinking also has nutritional deficiencies as well. Health may not recover right away, it starts with wheat and grain elimination, but the full path may vary. That is why I coach people online to help them transform their health from the inside out. Because it became clear to me that there is no one solution that fits everybody. There are basic principles that are involved, but we all respond to nutrition differently to fulfill our nutritional needs.
So if you're looking to completely transform your health I would highly encourage you to hire me as an online coach. I say this not to sell you anything, but to help you become the healthiest version of yourself.

Feel free to message me with any questions you may have about eliminating wheat from your diet. I will always answer anyone that wants to discuss health, fitness and nutrition. You can contact me directly here.

Till next time, keep on thriving!
Trevor Folgering