Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Five Golden Rules Of Fitness

“The Five Golden Rules of Maximum Training”

Congratulations! You just signed up for your first fitness modeling show! Signing up is just the first step, the next step is to actually train and improve your physique and take it to the next level! What are the most efficient training methods to get your physique “Stage Ready?”

This article will briefly explain how to efficiently and effectively get the most out of each and every workout and to maximize the results your want in the gym. There are five golden rules you must follow in order to take your physique to the next level.

Rule #1

Stick with non-traditional exercises

The body is generally lazy. It likes consistency, it likes routines. Doing three sets of bench press followed by three sets of lat-pull downs is not going to cut it, especially when competition is so fierce.

Begin by choosing exercises that work the entire body, the more muscles you can fire in one exercise sequence the more efficient your routines become and the faster you will generate results. Forget isolation movements until the very end of your workout routine. A huge caveat to this is an exercise called “rear cable flys” This is done on a cable machine and allows for more muscle isolation on the rear deltoid, creating more shoulder stability.

Rule #2

Challenge the body with BOSU Ball and Stability Ball work

The BOSU Ball and Stability Ball have become one of the major staples in any fitness plan. WHY? When you put your body in an unstable unbalanced environment, more muscles fibers will have to fire in order for the body to perform the movement. When you fire more muscle fibers the workout efficiency gets a huge boost.

Challenge – Create a full body routine using only A BOSU Ball, Stability Ball and your own bodyweight

Rule #3

Master “Speed Training”

What is the true definition of being fit? Give up? The true definition of fitness is doing more work in less time. For example if the average client of mine starts off on day one doing only 4 exercises in an hour, but then in a weeks time can do 8 exercises in an hour he has efficiently doubled his fitness level.

Therefore Speed training involves doing as many exercises safely in an hour as possible. Please note that this does not mean rush through sets or use sloppy technique. Always train with good form. Maybe you start off only getting through 12 exercises with good form in an hour, but the next week you jumped to 14, you have just increased your fitness level and your body will change!

Some techniques that you can use are as follows:

•Use only 30 seconds rest in between exercises, if you are fit enough try 15 seconds rest!
•Combine three exercises together, do each exercise once then rest for thirty seconds and repeat two more times. (Try this for a full hour, and watch your body change dramatically!)
•Create a series of exercises (4-6) and complete 5 times in a row, never giving yourself more then a minute to rest after every circuit.

Rule #4

Use the “C” word in your workouts!

Oh not that word! It’s called “Cardio” Yes fitness competitors hate cardio, who wants to get up in the morning and do 45 minutes of cardio to burn fat? Boring! By incorporating cardio into your workouts you will dramatically improve the way your body responds to fat burning! You will also cut down on your other “cardiovascular activities” and spend less time in the gym. Talk about being efficient!

For example try combining a core conditioning exercise like four count push-ups with thirty seconds of plyometric knee tucks and then finishing off the tri-set with one-legged hamstring ball curls. FEEL THR BURN!

Rule #5

“Temet nosce” - Know Thyself

The most important rule of all is “Know Thyself” Get to know the way your body responds to training.
Listen, do you have any old oxygen or muscle magazines lying around? Great! Throw them out, or give them to your competitors. Routines that the so called professional athletes do are not geared toward your body.

This type of training, called “Intuitive Training” is the trickiest part of creating that winning package and it is often the most over-looked.

“Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is the probable reason why so few engage in it.” - Henry Ford.

To really succeed at this sport you must engage your thinking processes even further then the average fitness enthusiast. You must really hone your intuitiveness and instincts and train with your head and your heart!


I hope that is article has taught you to not follow the crowd when getting into “contest shape” Always think outside the box when training for a show, if you do I know that you will come into the show feeling and looking amazing! Even if you follow a few of these golden rules you will come into your next show at your all time best!

I also encourage you to seek the guidance from a professional fitness coach who has the knowledge, the skill and the now-how to help you develop your winning physique. I can be found at where I design and implement programs for beginners to the advanced athletes using the online technology SKYPE.

I wish you all the best in your upcoming contest preparations!

Trevor Folgering
Fitness Professional
Professional Stair-Racer

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