Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Website!


I just wanted to update you quickly on what is happening behind the scenes here at the Canada StairClimbing Association!

Our new website is set to launch today or tomorrow! I am so excited! We have a ton of information for you! Our new website is more dynamic and lets you know how serious our association is about stair climbing!

Now because you got in on the ground floor membership for you is still free! However a basic silver level membership is 5.00 a year.

Our company has switched routes and is now a non-profit company We do have a profit company called Step Up Canada, and this is where you can get online personal training help and get fit for your stair climbing races!

Our competitive climb series is set to launch June 2010, I will be having early registration set out on the website as early as March 2010.

We will be having a Tier system set in place. We have five tiers, which will allow even the beginner stair climber to enjoy racing up towers.

I am also going to be giving cash prizes to the top climbers in the Elite/Pro Tier which makes this even more exciting! So if your a competitive athlete I want to see you out there!

To make things even more exciting the top 5 Pro athletes from each competition will form TEAM CANADA and be able to travel to the Canadian Championships right here in Toronto, Ontario Canada! This is so amazing!

Our Association plans to also hold the World Championships in Dubai sometime early 2011!

We are following the World Anti Doping Agency and want all of our athletes clear of drugs! Natural is the only way to compete. You will be asked to provide a urine test if you are an elite athlete who has finished in the top 5 of your class.

We also have now three board of advisor members and are looking for three member liasons! Are you interested in sitting on the Board? If so contact us when the new website is up and running!

On a more personal note, tomorrow I fly out to New York to race up the Empire State Building, and I have to tell you I am ready! I am so pumped about this event and have been training hard for the past 3 months. Wish me luck! I will update you of all the details when I return.

Till next time!

Keep on Stepping!

Trevor Folgering

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