Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What Comes to Mind When You Think Of Exercise?

Exercise, working out, hitting the gym, training. These phrases do not provoke excitement from many people.

But maybe they should!

You see training is more a mental then physical. Yes it takes a lot of physical work, but the one thing that will over ride your body either positively or negatively is your mind!

The Power of the mind is phenomenal. With everything we do, with every workout we take the mind can kill your chances of success or it can help you reach for victory.

Think of the hardest thing that you did. What was the deciding factor to your success? What made you able to conquer the task at hand?

In most cases the mental attitude that you carried forward made you push through any obstacles in your way. Leading you to success over a hard situation.

Its the same for working out and training. Your mental attitude is everything. If your dragging yourself to the gym or going through the motions, wondering how to get through the hour then maybe its time to re-think your motives.

I always have said this ....


So you must first turn on your mental juices and see what you first want to accomplish in your mind! Picture it! Visualize it first in the mind and the body will follow. See yourself with a great body, dream about it, get excited about it! Start to devour the thoughts and emotions that a fit and healthy person would experience.

See yourself fit and you will become fit!

Till Next Time ...

Stay True to Yourself...

Trevor Folgering

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