Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Appeal of Stair Climbing

What makes stair climbing so appealing? Why is this new form of exercise one of the best ways to get in shape? How can you correctly add stair climbing to your training routine??

Stair climbing is quickly spreading to become a great form of exercise because i is so efficient at getting the body into shape rapidly! You want fast results right?? Well 30 minutes of stair climbing 3x per week is equal to 6 hours of training in the gym!!! Yes! Talk about getting results without a lot of time requirements!! Think about how many calories your body burns as it climbs vertically!!

Another great appeal about stair climbing is it is easy on the joints. Much easier then running would be on the body. Running can cause a lot of injuries mainly because of misalignments with the hips which effects the rest of the body. Stair climbing in its gentle nature is not like that. The movement is so natural that your body will actually become more in line and become less prone to injuries!

Stair climbing is an amazing way to strengthen the entire body, not just the legs. Every single muscle is involved in stair climbing. From your legs to your arms to your back. Most people think of stair climbing as just something that involves the legs but over all the entire body gets a great workout!

So how do you start this great new form of exercise. Easy! Just find a set of stair anywhere that is longer then 3 flights. Many people live in an apartment building or even a condo. Use those stairs anytime! For those of you living in a large two story house use the stairs in your own home! Scour your city for outdoor stairs as well!

Begin slow. tart off climbing three flights, rest for 10 seconds then climb for three more flights. Do this until you body is conditioned enough that you can continually climb for the entire flight of stairs!

one to two stair climbing workouts is plenty for the beginner. You do not want to overdo it in the beginning. Make sure to stretch afterwards and drink plenty of water before, during and after your training session!

Good luck and have fun!

The Canada Stairclimbing Association

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