Friday, October 8, 2010

Plan Your Fitness Strategy Like You are Going to War!

Most people fail at the game of fitness because they fail to plan. What is that famous saying again?

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

This is so true and you must be able to plan your fitness strategy from the fist day you want to get fit. Do whatever it takes! I will outline some of the most important strategies below.

You must be like the general taking his solders to war!You must be very diligent and make sure that everything is taken care of, from your nutrition to your training, and you must be able to break this down to the hour. You must become obsessed. (Yes most people hate that word...but these are the people who lead an average life, with an average body. You want more then that.

Can you imagine if there was a war going on and the commander of the war was very indecisive???

"Lets see, Ill take 50 solders, hmmm no maybe 100?? Ill take some bullets, and some explosives ...not sure how many ...but yeah ...ohh no wait ..I need land mines too ...or is that hand grenades?? Oh yeah ..well ill take a few of those to, and maybe some tanks...Naa, forget the tanks."

The above scenario would never happen, but most people who try to get fit do the EXACT SAME THING!

"Let's see, ill work out this week 3x next week. Oops, I forgot to workout on Wednesday. Maybe I should go out with the guys this weekend, Ill only have a few wings, and no beer. Oops...I had a beer ..Oh well, I think Ill hit the gym harder, next week. I am so tired at 6am ...I cant get up, do I really need to get up this early? What if I eat good for Monday, Wednesday and Friday and then I can have fun during the weekend?" Yeah that seems ok."

It does not look like this person will ever reach his fitness goals if he thinks like this.

You must be exact on your fitness routine, and exact on your nutrition! PERIOD!

Now another question to ask yourself is how much are you willing to give up? Sure its nice to talk the talk, but when push comes to shove most people can't give up the things they love.

Remember this, for everything you gain you give up something else.

For myself I have had to give up many, many things in order to be fit and healthy, but thats my priority and no one else's No one cares about your health as much as you should!

Ive had to give up a lot of my friends because they just didn't understand why I was going to bed at 9:30. I couldn't go out to the bars and have a good time, I didn't go out with friends to a pub and drink beer and wings. Mind you, it didn't seem like a big sacrifice anyways.

I am just saying that If you want amazing health you will have to sacrifice and give up things that you love to do. And do not be surprised if you lose friends. Its part of the game of fitness. Sad but true ....what kind of friends were they anyways???

So here are the top three strategies you need to focus on.

1) Nutrition - The most important strategy of all. If you do not have a good strategy for your nutrition you will fail. PERIOD. You must be able to break your nutrition to the exact hour and know what and when to eat. For detailed information on nutrition check out the fitness freebies on the Canada StairClimbing website

2) Training - Second strategy comes into training. If you are not sure how to properly train, hire a trainer for a month and get good advice and a good system of how to workout. Ask a lot of questions.

3) Mental Conditioning - I would almost rank this at #1. Your mental outlook on what your body can accomplish is set by your mind and your thinking. Negative thoughts and poor mental conditioning will for sure bring you down. Always talk positively to yourself. Key Phrases:

1) I am fit and healthy
2) My body is a fat burning machine
3) No one can stop me from reaching my fitness goals.
4) I am a machine
5) I am on top of my nutrition
6) Every meal I eat is one step closer to a lean, sexy, fit and healthy body
7) I am in control of my body and my health!

There are more. Make up phrases that fit your life and situation.

I wish you luck, and remember, plan your fitness strategy like your going to WAR!

The Canada StairClimbing Association

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