Saturday, October 16, 2010

For The Beginner Stair Climber

Oh what amazing fun, climbing sets of stairs! NO? Not fun for you right? Do you feel somewhat anxious and scared looking at all the flights of stairs to climb?

Lets start with the basics of how to climb stairs

Tip #1 - Going DOWN!

Yes the best way to start climbing stairs is to climb down stairs. It is easier on the cardiovascular system going down 25 flights of stairs then going up 25 flights of stairs. Yet your quadriceps get a more efficient workout going down flights of stairs then going up.

Begin by starting at a top of a large building and going down to the bottom. The slower you can climb down stairs the better it will be for your legs. Take the elevator up and continue this process at least 4-5 times more.

You will be surprised that the next day you will experience muscle soreness in your legs and yet you never climbed a single set of stairs!

Tip #2 - Climb like a "heel"

The trick to climb stairs is to plant the heel of the foot down on every second step. By planting the heel down and pushing from the heel you will be able to contract more hamstring and butt muscles. This will allow you to become a more stronger and more efficient stair climber. Always climb slowly. Do not rush your pace. You should really try to "feel" the muscles contract. Dont just go through the motions.

Tip #3 - Build onto your foundation

The above two tips are the foundation for stair climbing. Just like building a house you want to complete and continue to develop your stair climbing. Once you have mastered the above two tips, the next step is to focus on increasing your muscular conditioning in your legs and your cardiovascular capacity. Both will come quickly if you stay the path. Stair climb twice a week: Ex - Monday and Saturday. Each time out try to break your previous best.

For example if you climbed up 10 floors and then stopped to take a break,go to floor 11, then take your break. Always keep the mind hungry and your body wanting more!

Keep the workout short and sweet 45 minutes max! Remember to stretch afterwards, especially the front, back of the legs and the sides of the hip!

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Until next time!

Trevor Folgering
Canada StairClimbing Association

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