Monday, January 10, 2011

Achieve Fitness Success in 2011 Part 5

Our latest installment goes over using the correct fitness "syntax" to achieve extraordinary results!

For those of you reading this blog and do not know what the word "syntax" means I invite you to read our previous blog post explaining the concept

Using The Correct Syntax

So you have embarked on a fitness quest to lose weight and lots of it. Great! Here is how you should work your fitness syntax to get the maximum results.

Syntax = The correct order to produce amazing results. You must do the right things at the right time in the right place, to unlock the fitness weight loss fault.

Step #1

Workout first thing in the morning. Their are a number of reasons why working out in the morning can help you achieve your fitness goals. By engaging in a workout in the morning you will actually increase your overall metabolism by 10 percent and burn more calories throughout the day!

Now of course if you cannot find the extra energy to workout in the morning and you have to workout in the evening, that is great to! The secret to having a maximum workout in the evening hours is to decrease any type of carbohydrate consumption 2 hours before the workout, and then right after the workout to have simple carbohydrates and a protein shake to get a dramatic spike in your blood sugar levels to help push needed fuel and amino acids into the muscle for recovery. Then you must only eat fibrous carbohydrates and protein after. (Ex: Chicken Salad.)

Step #2

Use Food as Fuel and not for Taste - Society has conditioned us over many years to enjoy food for taste and the emotional experience of eating. Of course the Hamburger and Fries tastes good and it gives you that "feel good" feeling, however the consequences for eating this way are severe and include heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and other illnesses.

In your fitness syntax you must eat the right foods to fuel your body, not for enjoyment. You must be able to switch your mindset to focus on food as the building blocks for having an amazing body. If you switch your mindset and use food as fuel and not for emotional enjoyment, then weight loss, specifically fat loss becomes that much easier. (Of course healthy things, taste good too!)

Step #3

Workout Smarter, Not Harder -The secret to real fitness success is doing the right things at the right time. The other piece of the puzzle is getting the most bank for the buck. To really maximize your fitness results you must be able to train smart, not hard. It boils down to how efficiently do you maximize your time during a workout session. If you are new I understand that it is tough to know how to train smart.

That is why we at the Canada StairClimbing Association offer stairclimbing programs that in only 30-45 minutes will burn twice the amount of calories then just regular working out. Stairclimbing will dramatically increase the rate at which the body will burn fat. It is a proven statistic. Learn more about our meetup groups here

So one of the correct syntaxes that you should use to lose immense amount of body fat would be:

Train in the morning+Use food as fuel+ incorporate stairclimbing into your routine.

Use this combination and there is no stopping you from achieving your fitness goals in 2011!

Step Strong!

Trevor Folgering
The Canada StairClimbing Association

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