Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Health Benefits of StairClimbing!

Its 2011 and stairclimbing is the best way to become fit! Do you not believe me?

Well here is some proof. You know what they say the proof is in the pudding!

Intermittent Stair Climbing Improves Fitness

In a recent study, British researchers confirmed that some exercise is better than nothing.

Researchers found that for sedentary people, even a few minutes of daily stair climbing – a vigorous but easily accessible form of exercise – can improve cardiovascular health.

Previous studies have shown that accumulating short bouts of exercise can make a difference; this one shows just how short those bouts can be.

Twenty-two sedentary college-aged women walked up 199 steps – more than you’re likely to find at home, but doable in a high-rise – in 2.25 minutes, a “brisk but comfortable” pace which shot their heart rates up to 90 percent of their predicted maximum.

They progressed from one ascent per day during the first week to six ascents per day, for a total of 13.5 minutes over the course of a day, during the sixth and seventh weeks.

By the end of this modest exercise program, the women were measurably more fit: Heart rate, oxygen uptake and blood lactate levels during climbing were reduced, and their HDL (”good”) cholesterol levels had increased.

Source: Preventive Medicine, 2000; 30, 4, 277-281

There is a way to get fitter faster!

Want to lower lousy LDL cholesterol and raise heart-lung health faster! Just say, “I’ll take the stairs.” And do it.

If you do two minutes of stair climbing — that’s a couple of flights — five or six times a day, in eight short weeks you can:

1.)Increase your heart-lung fitness by almost 20 percent, upping your odds of a longer better life.

2.)Reduce bad LDL cholesterol by 8 percent, and raise good HDL cholesterol by about that much, shrinking your risk of a heart attack, stroke, erectile dysfunction and wrinkles (all are increased by LDL).

3.)And do it all without spending a dime on a gym membership.

Stairclimbing is so effective because it forces your body to work against gravity, which among other things, firms your glutes — those jelly-butt muscles.

The fitness gains from doing 11 minutes of daily stair work for eight weeks rival those of walking 36 minutes a day for six months.

(Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen report, famous cardiologists, often appearing on the Oprah Show)

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal, May 2008

There you have it! Amazing evidence that stairclimbing is an amazing tool for fitness in 2011!

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"Step" Into the new year healthier!

Step Strong!

Trevor Folgering
The Canada StairClimbing Association

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