Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pushing Past Mediocrity

What does it really take to push your body to new physical heights and be able to experience a body that is full of life, vitality and energy??

Most people do not actually realize how they need to push themselves to get the results they deserve.

The problem is that its not only the training that they must push themselves through, but they must also push through societies constant message of being mediocre.

While fitness professionals all over the world try desperately to change clients views on living a healthy lifestyle, other sources of influence tell them its alright to live a life full of mediocrity and forget about a healthy lifestyle.

For example - take a look at any 30 minute television show broadcast around the world. In a 30 minute time span the t.v viewer is bombarded with commercials and messages to go and eat that burger from A&W or go and purchase the latest high tech gadget that will keep everyone sedated and lazy. And this is only in thirty minutes.

Most individuals watch way more then thirty minutes of TV.

Society is telling us that living a life of mediocrity is way better then living a life of health and fitness.

How many ads do you see about living healthy, purchasing a gym membership or hiring a personal trainer to take your life to a higher level??? That's right..there is NONE!!! (well maybe a few in the new year)

Do you see the issue here??? We have been sold a bill of goods for so many years. We just except that as the way it is and go about our day.

However you can do something about this!

Fight Past Living a Mediocre Lifestyle

1) Refuse to purchase any types of foods that are processed, man made, or have added chemicals, sugars, salts, fats and additives.

2) Hire a Personal Trainer! Get educated about how to really treat your body and fight past living a mediocre lifestyle.

3) Start to live more consciously and realize that the small things make the biggest difference over the long run. Being conscious about your health is the number on way to break free of being mediocre!

4) Join our stairclimbing meet-up groups! These groups are a great way to start your fitness journey! Take a look at some of the feedback we have been getting in the last year! This group is for everyone and is not just for people who are fit! Com check it out!

I urge you to really rebel against societies message of being mediocre and start living a life of fitness!

Your Fitness Mentor and Guru,

Trevor Folgering
The Canada StairClimbing Association


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  2. Thanks susan!! Great to see there are people reading. I haven't updated in a while, and continue to blog at check out my blog there.

    In true fitness!
    Trevor folgering

  3. You lost me at 10 hour climb. Haha. But nonetheless alot of motivation there for many of us. Thanks for posting and sharing this with all of us.