Monday, November 2, 2009

Hi all!

Yesterday I finished at two hour marathong workout at the chedoke staircase in Hamilton, Ontario. I climbed the stairs a total of 30 times up and down. It was a great workout.

This is for preperartion for this coming Saturday as there is a fun workout at the stairs. This is a fun race to see who can climb 3000 meters vertical the quickest.

This should be a great test of endurace and mental fortitude. Ill let you know the outcome.

My lungs have recovered from the CN Tower climb, and now I would like to focus on next years competitions.

I would like to try my hand at the Empre State Building since we are so close to New York. I think its only a 5 hour drive. That should be a great competition for myself as I get my feet wet on international soils.

I would like to add a update section somewhere near the top of the main weppage of my site, so anyone will know what type of content is being updated. Check out my website for more information!

Hope all had a great halloween! Less then 60 days and we celebrating Christmas! wow!

Cheers everyone!

Canada StairClimbing Association

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