Sunday, December 13, 2009

2009 is Drawing to A Close...Are You Ready for 2010?

Wow! Time sure flies! 2009 is almost over an we are almost ready to start a new decade!!!

2010, what a poetic number! Think back to this time in 1999 10 years ago. Looking back have you gained the health and vitality that you wanted? Have you in the last ten years gotten fitter, gained more strength, and lost the body fat that you needed?

If not I urge you to set yourself up for victory this decade. Its time to draw a figuritve line in the sand and seperate yourself from your past mistakes and so called failures.

Its time to create a fitness plan that will get you to were you want to be!

10 years from now you can look back in 2020 hindsight (Quite literally) and see how you have shaped your physcial state!

Lets set a plan in motion for 2010 to be your best year yet! Let the Canada StairClimbing Association help you in creating the body and the physical vitality that you have always wanted.

My Association is here 100 percent to support you in your physcial pursuits no matter what they might be for you.

We offer great personalized programs that will help you understand how to train for weight loss and sports specific training. These programs will help you become lean, and fit as well as help you climb stairs quicker! For more information please email at

I look forward to helping you achieve your physcial dreams in 2010!

May you have a very Merry Christmas! I look forward to coaching you in 2010!

Your Fitness Mentor,

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