Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Love Stairs!

Hey everyone!

Just a quick update as I have not been posting on here for a week or so. I am closing in on switching my training over to more speed work and more intense stair climbs. This will happen sometime after December 15th.

The website will undergo a major change in 2010 so watch out for that. I want to switch platforms because I have started to outgrow this web building package. I might go to wordpress, which has an excellent web building package.

Also please make sure to interact with other members and myself. I want to build a great community for people to express their interests of fitness and health.

I might be building a NING website, so you will be able to interact with each other and do more things.

Please bookmark and stay tune to this website for all the updates.

Any comments or suggestions let me know!

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