Sunday, December 13, 2009

News From the Canada StairClimbing Association!

Hey there!
Well lots of excellent stuff hapening at the Canada StairClimbing Association. We are currently upgrading our online personal training program, and this will be up and running in a few days.

This upgrade will have many great features that will aloow you the client to see videos of exercises, get detailed training prgrams, have access to your own customizable web page and much much more. I am really excited to bring this to the members because this will allow for my association to assist youeven more in achieveing all you can be for 2010!

On another note I have started my high intensity training for the Empire State Building Run-up. Today I climbed stairs in my apartment building. A total of 17 floors x 10 times up and down. I got my heart rate to over 170 BPM. Not too shabby.

I hope all is going well for your training. If you need any help at all with weight loss, strength training or endurance training, email me. We will easily be able to assit you in your goals!

Canada StairClimbing Association

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