Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Focus on More Then Just Losing Weight!

Your weight loss journey can be filled with ups and downs, self doubts and despair. Ive seen it time and time again.

Weight loss is more then numbers on a scale. 'Well what do you mean"? you might ask. There is a lot more to weight loss then numbers on a scale and thats where people have a tough time at winning the game of fitness.

Lets say you have been working out for six months and you are really on a role and have lost a good amount of weight. But then you suddenly seem to have hit a wall. Each week the numbers on the scale do not move! Nothing you do will budge the numbers.

Feeling frusterated you go through the motions the next few weeks and then find the numbers on the scale moving back up!

Does this sound familiar to you? It happens to so many people and the easy way out of this trap is to do one thing ....do not focus on the numbers.

Now wait a minute Trevor ...not focus on the scale ..how do I know if I am losing weight??

Hear me out...

Lets say after you hit your wall you shifted gears and set new fitness goals. Ones that do not include the scale.

For example maybe its to run a 5k race or do a Triathlon or just as simple as having more energy throughout the day.

Your energy will be more focused on that one goal then on the scale, and guess what! If you stick with the fitness goals pretty soon after a month or two you will see those numbers go down again!

The point is....focus on more then just weight loss!

Sure in the beginning the scale may seem to be the only way of measuring fitness, but as you develop your own fitness habits you will find that the scale is not your friend. If you can, try to weigh yourself only once a month.

If thats hard then give your scale to someone who may need it more then you do. :)

Until next time...

Stay fit on the inside and the outside!

Your Fitness Mentor and
Founder of the Canada StairClimbing Association
Trevor Folgering

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