Friday, September 3, 2010

How to Become Truly Great

What does it take to become truly great at fitness? How can you reach your goals in record time?

There are really a few different traits that you need to have in order to become great at fitness. To really have optimal health for life, you must focus on three key factors

1)- Knowledge - Knowledge is POTENTIAL Power, for knowledge that is not used is wasted. Have you ever read a great book and thought.."Wow this is great! I am going to use what I learned!" What happened? Did you use the knowledge of the book to get you the results you wanted? My hypothesis is no you did not. Study fitness, make it a habit to actually learn some basic anatomy, and a little physiology. (Basic levels) This way you have the knowledge to train correctly and begin down the right path.

2)- Dedication - I would have to say that dedication to health is a close second to knowledge only because you must be dedicated 24/7 to mastering fitness. Why 24/7? Why not just workout for an hour and go about our day not thinking about food, and the lifestyle choices we make? Because the body requires a constant influx of food delivered at optimal times throughout the day. Fitness and nutrition should be a 24/7 type of commitment!

3) - Intuition - In my humble opinion having an intuitive sense about your body and what it needs is really an amazing thing to develop. I see too many individuals follow routines out of "fitness magazines" and get latest diet from a friend or some over hyped book promising a 10 lb weight loss is a week. Intuition is your own way of reading your own body and what it needs at any particular moment in time. It is also thinking instead of following. If your going to follow the herd your going to get slaughtered! Educate yourself about correct eating and lifestyle habits, then over time develop your intuitive sense to recognize what your unique training and nutritional needs are!

The one thing I have learned from all my years of training is there is no such thing as bad genetics. The war on genetics can be beaten. If you think you are overweight because of a genetic factor....better think again.

Genetics are only a small portion of how we actually look like believe it or not, and I know that your genetic structure can be beated by following the three basic rules above!

Good luck and always stay strong inside and out!

Trevor Folgering
Founder of the Canada StairClimbing Association

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