Friday, September 24, 2010

Stay The Course...

Getting ready for a stair climbing, running or fitness competition? Great! Its exciting to train for such an amazing event!

Lets say you have trained for this intense event for over three months and its coming down to the final days of the event. This is the time for mental focus and it is so important! Many athletes prepare so much in the weight room or on the track that there mental preparation is not up to snuff.

The last week before any competition is the most important. It is really critical that you stick with your game plan that you have created.

No matter what happens never stray from the last week game plan. So many athletes freak out and lose mental focus the last week due to nerves or bad advice from friends or family.

You need to be able to stay the course, if you don't and try something new then you run the risk of not performing your best the day of the competition.

Do what you have to do, then sit back and relax.

If your worried or stressed out, remember all the other competitors are feeling the same way. Its normal. Visualize yourself winning, do some mental visualization to calm down your nerves.

Ill be writing more about the last few weeks before a competition...

This will apply to all athletes: stair climbers, marathoners, fitness competitors, bodybuilders, triathletes ..etc..

Remember to always Stay the Course!

Till Next time,

Stay fit and healthy!

Trevor Folgering
The Canada StairClimbing Association

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