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Insights From a Professional Trainer with "Trainers On Site"

I know I have educated you all on stair climbing so far, but as a fitness consultant and fitness professional I will be adding my thoughts on fitness and nutrition here as well. Feel free to book training time with me if your in the Oakville area! Visit for more info, or call 1-888-269-1867

Mental Conditioning

The most important component of fitness is something that many individuals forget to address. That is the power of the mind. Mental focus and mental conditioning is really the cornerstone of creating a vibrant healthy functional body.

It is easy to forget the psychological aspect of fitness because many other fitness professionals have negated teaching their clients the fundamentals of mind control.

The first thing that a client is asked to do is to look when making a change in their body is to log their "Rationalizations"

What’s a Rationalization? It’s when you tell yourself a story. It’s when you come up with excuses as to why it is ok not to do something!
What are some rationalizations that you have made in the past in regards to exercise??

Here are a few that I have encountered with past clients

•You know you should exercise BUT.....I have no time!
•You are afraid that if you start exercising it will be too hard, too exhausting
•You know you should exercise, but you have to figure out how to pay those lousy bills!
•You want to exercise but you’re stuck at work till 8 pm, and you start you day at work at 7 am!
•Exercise is important to me, but my children need my attention to!
•It’s too hard!
•I know I should hire a personal trainer, but I don’t have the money!
•I am too old to start exercising now.
•I am too out of shape to do that
•I am too stressed out to exercise

These are only ten of the hundreds of rationalizations that I have heard over the years.

I help you defeat all those rationalizations, just by challenging you to look at other options and different points of view.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Even more powerful then rationalizations are limiting belief.

Well what’s a belief? A belief is nothing more then a thought that is repeated enough in your head with enough emotional intensity, that it is accepted as the truth.

Limiting beliefs have power over you only because you treat them as the truth

Your beliefs control your actions. Let’s quickly look at some common limiting beliefs that people draw around "exercise"

•I can never get myself up at 6am to workout
•I can’t do it!
•I am not disciplined enough!
•I don’t want to look like that
•It can never happen for me
•I am not athletic enough
•I am a women, and I don’t want "muscles"
•I don’t want to be big.
•I am a women and women do not lift heavy weights
•I just don’t think that’s possible to do

In these ten examples we see that those beliefs are really stopping us from achieving what we truly want!

When you become a client of mine you learn how to:

• Visualize correctly
• Quiet and center the mind (A powerful focusing tool)
• Meditate your way to a strong body
• Create powerful positive self-affirmations
• Create a plan to stop self-fulfilling prophecies
• Maximize the power of the mind to live your live to the fullest:

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