Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Three Important tips for stair climbers!

Hi everyone!

Here are three very important tips for stair climbers! Follow these three tips and watch your stair climbing improve!

Tip #1 - Build a cardiovascular base - You must develop a good cardio package. Meaning, you must be able to do continuous activity for a minimum of 30 minutes. Start off by going on an elliptical for 20 minutes and then increase your time every week until you can successfully complete 45 minutes of moderate to intense activity. (Hint - If you can perform 30-45 minutes of intense activity on a treadmill you can stair climb for 20 minutes at a quick pace)

Tip #2 - Add strength training exercises to your fitness routine. Make sure you are working muscles specific to stair climbing. Work on strengthening your Hamstrings and Glutes (butt muscles) Inner thighs are also a weak area and exercises should be included for this area!

Tip #3 - Rest and Recover - Overlooked by some - Resting provides the body the opportunity to heal and recover from intense training sessions. Make sure you are taking at least one day off to rest. For rank beginners less training is best! For intermediate to advanced athletes - Train intuitively, listen to your body and take the appropriate amount of rest days for your body.

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Till next time...Keep On Steppin!

Trevor Folgering

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