Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Achieve Fitness Success in 2011 Series

Welcome Back!

This is Trevor Folgering, I am the founder of The Canada StairClimbing Association.

Today I want to talk to you about a very important topic and that is setting and achieving fitness goals. If your reading this we are quickly approaching or are in 2011.

Many people have set or are setting fitness goals in hopes that this year will be the year that they will lose all that weight and increase their health.

Unfortunately many people will fail at achieving their fitness goals. Why?

Well there are five mistakes that people make that stop them from achieving fitness success.

In achieving fitness success their are simple strategies that when followed produce great results.

Listen, getting fit is not magic, there are no secrets that fit people have that make them healthy. But there are strategies that fit people do that when applied properly will give them great results.

These next series of blogs and videos will show you what a fit person does in order to get themselves to lose weight, increase their energy and have a incredible body!

Lets first talk about the mistakes:

1) Your fitness goals are more then a wish list.

Its is important to realize that you cant just wish to have a great body, or wish you could lose weight, you must take specific actions. Many people wish they had a million dollars as well and it never happens! You can't just wish you were thinner and expect to wake up one morning and have the weight be gone!

2) Your fitness goals are dirty!

Which means your fitness goals are as clear as mud! You must be able to create specific fitness goals that are clear and concise! Just saying I want to lose weight is not specific enough. Just like a combination lock or a phone number you must have the specific digits or combination of numbers to get the result you are after. If the numbers are off just by one digit, nothing works!

3) Your goals are HOT!

I mean you goals are hot air! You may have a specific goal but now you must draw up a map in order to achieve those fitness goals! You can just say I want to lose 20 lbs this month, you must create a detailed action plan to how you will do it.

4) You have no effective map

The most critical aspect after setting a goal is to have a map or a detailed plan to help you through the obstacles, challenges and pitfalls of losing weight. Many people start! They start diets, they buy gym memberships, they start exercising, they start eating healthy. In fact STARTING in not most peoples problem! Staying, continuing and finishing is!

5) No support system!

Losing weight can be a challenge. You must find the resources, people and support systems that will help you on track!

The next blogs and videos will show you ways in which to achieve your fitness goals FASTER THEN YOU EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE!

Stay tuned!

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