Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mind Over Body

Getting to that next level of fitness can be challenging. Whether your a beginner, elite or someone in between.

Pushing your body to the next level requires commitment to nutrition, consistent workouts and one other important link in the puzzle.


The Power of the Mind is so critical it cannot be over-stated. I get a lot of questions about how to lose weight, get faster, stronger and healthier. What I realized throughout my eleven years as a fitness professional is that the reason most people cannot lose the weight, or get themselves up at 5 am to workout, or to push themselves to that next level is because they have something that is called...

"Stinkin thinkin"

Too many people have these negative thoughts in their head that it limits the body from producing the physical result that you are after!

Remember this "What your mind can believe, you can achieve"

It is so important to visualize the end result that you are after. This is because the subconscience cannot differentiate what is visualized in the mind and what is real.

So if you are constantly thinking that your body is lean, that you can workout hard for as long as you want to, that your losing fat every day and you picture what your body will look like, then your subconscience mind will already think its real and you will eventually get to your goal!

The mind is the most powerful human muscle in the body! So use it to its fullest potential!

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