Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Do It With Them!

It is really important in todays age to be a good role model for children. Did you know that one in two children are overweight and are at risk for becoming diabetic?

Many doctors are actually seeing children that are developing Type II Diabetes at the age of 10! Shocking, since the majority of people who develop Type II Diabetes are over the age of 50!

So what can we do to help the health of our future generations?

First and foremost you have to be a role model! You cannot just tell your kids to exercise. You must show them how to exercise and teach them how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Kids learn by observing what we as adults do. They want to emulate adults in many different ways. You as the adult have great control over your own actions which will either positively or negatively effect you child's behavior.

For example: Do you eat a healthy breakfast in the morning, or are you so rushed that you do not have time to feed yourself. This will reflect back on your children. They will see you not eating breakfast and model your behaviors.

Therefore take time in the morning to cook a solid breakfast for yourself and your children. They will learn through action that breakfast is the most important part of the day. In addition it will be great bonding time in the morning.

When it comes to exercise do you TELL your kids to exercise, or do you SHOW them how to exercise.

When I say show them, it doesn't have to be a complex workout routine. It can be a simple as playing a physical game with your children like tag. It can also be walking the dog with your children, or it can be actually doing a workout with your children.

If you become a positive role model of health and nutrition for your children then they will emulate those actions and behaviors back onto themselves.

What is the secret to getting our future generations healthy and fit? The Secret??? ....Do it With Them!

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