Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Time to Start StairClimbing For Real!!!!

Well It is close to New years and you know what that means right?

The start of a new healthy lifestyle! The best way to start a healthy lifestyle is to set out some great fitness related goals to achieve!
One of these goals can be complete a Stair Race here in Regina! Stair Climbing is such a great way to get fit and lose body fat! Just ask some of our members how they feel after only three weeks of climbing stairs! They feel phenomenal! Now itr your turn!

Here is your challenge! I challenge you to sign up for our stair climbing meet-up groups and start training for our Stair Climb Race happening March 13th 2011!

Our StairClimbing Meet-up group meets three times a week, Sunday, Wednesday and Friday!

For complete details check out this link:


Once you have gotten a spot in the stairclimbing meet up group, its times to register for our race!

By the way you should do it sooner then later! WHY? Because if you sign up now then you cannot back out of your training and you will have to train and get in shape. (Because there are also no refunds!) :)

So here is the link to sign up!


So what is a stair climb race all about?

Well, The race takes place inside the Delta Hotel stair well. The Stair well is comprised of 400 steps or 25 stories. Depending on your fitness level you may choose to race up the stair well once, or try the multiple climb challenge if you are a die hard fitness fanatic!

This is also a great way to support an amazing charity, The Shelter Foundation! This charitable organization helps women who have been or currently are in abusive relationships.

So come on and join the sport that is changing the way people get fit and lose bodyfat forever!

For detailed information on our Organization, please visit:


Trevor Folgering
The Canada StairClimbing Association

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