Friday, December 3, 2010

Get Fit Fast With Our Fitness Tips of The Month

Tip of the Month for December 2010


Learn to connect with the spiritual side of fitness. The spiritual side of fitness is the connection that bridges our physical self with the emotional/mental aspect of fitness. Spiritual Fitness is the connection that you have within yourself that resonates through physical pursuits. If you can develop your spiritual fitness levels then training takes on a higher meaning for you and the work that you put into your training will seem effortless.


Do you know that fish oils are not ideal for the human body? Mostly due to the chemical structure of the fish molecule, we cannot convert Omega 3 fish oils into usable forms of essential fatty acids! The best essential fatty acids are found from two sources which are either plant based or mammal based sources. Both are found to have great benefits to the human body.


You are no better then your weakest link. Make sure to get to the gym and work the following muscles: Glute Maximus (butt) Adductors and Abductors (Inner and outer thigh muscles) Glutes Minimus (Side of the hip responsible for abducting the thigh, when the limb is extended, and is principally called into action in supporting the body on one limb) Stair Climbing involves pushing from one limb to the other in rapid succession while moving the center of gravity upwards. Not working these muscles at all will lead to slower stair climbing times.

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