Monday, November 29, 2010

The End of the Year Fitness Resolution

End of the year resolution? Don't you mean New year's resolution?

Well actually,no.

Now that we have officially ended Thanksgiving (Both in the United States and in Canada) people tend to start swinging into the holiday season pretty quickly. Well maybe for the gentlemen out there they wait till December 24th! But generally speaking most people start to prepare for the holiday season mid to late December.

So what do most people do for the holiday season? Are there more responsibilities and stress at the Holidays? Are you having more parties then usual?? Yes! (Especially those work parties, where you get to see your Boss looped, which makes it so much more fun!)

Seriously thou, the point of all of this is that usually there is so much more stress and responsibilities during the holiday season that we end up NOT WORKING OUT ANYMORE! Which is not the right thing to do.

Going to the gym actually relieves stress and helps boost your immune system! So really now is not the time to kick the workouts to the curb.

What you must do is have a "End of the Year Fitness Resolution" You must resolve that you will stick to your current workout strategy no matter what!

This way you will have ample energy to get all the shopping and baking done and still have enough energy to go to a few holiday socials :)

Working out also decreases stress, which there is plenty of during the holiday season which as you are well aware of.

So this year really plan to stick with a workout program through the holiday season!

The best time to workout during the holiday season? In the morning as soon as you get up! This way you will rev up your bodies metabolic rate, and kick start the day by having an amazing workout!

We hope you begin a "Year End Fitness Resolution" this year!

Stay Healthy!

The Canada StairClimbing Association

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