Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Appeal of Stair Climbing

What makes stair climbing so much fun? What is the big appeal of climbing stairs? I want to briefly explain how you can benefit from starting a stair climbing program!

Stair climbing, although it seems like a chore is actually a great workout both physically and mentally!

Ladies, do you want an amazing butt? Do you want lean, toned legs? Climbing stairs will help you shape your entire lower body! Because you are moving your entire body vertical your glutes,hamstrings and quads get an amazing workout.

By placing the whole heel on the step, squatting down slightly and propelling yourself up you are essentially doing a vertical lunge! This will in turn shape your legs!

Climbing stairs is also a great mental workout! Every time I start a stair climbing workout I have to fight my mind from letting me stop! I actually have to be mentally strong to push through the pain of stair climbing.

When my body says "NO" I get excited because my mind says "YES!" and therefore I have an amazing workout!

How should you climb stairs?

First off if your a beginner then you should start off slowly. Start at the stairs in your house. Climb those for 15-20 minutes. Did you know that a 20 minute stair climbing workout equals one hour on a cross trainer in the gym? Stair climbing is extremely efficient for the human body!

When you master the stairs at your home, find a stair case outside. The stairs do not have to be huge, just a few 100 steps. For example if you live in Toronto why not go to the Casa Loma stairs? (Dupont and Spadina) If your in the GTA area drive to Hamilton and climb the Chedoke stairs!

Lastly make sure that you keep pushing your body to excel. Each time you do a stair climbing workout, try to increase the number of times ascending up the stairs. For example on Monday you climbed five times up, then next week try 6 times. This way you will always be challenging the body and you will find that your body will change and you will lose any body fat that you may have!

Till next time!

Trevor Folgering
Canada StairClimbing Association

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