Sunday, March 21, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude for Losing Weight!

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It is important to remember that our minds are always directing us to where we want to go.

Our thoughts create our actions and direct our behaviors. Therefore it is important to realize that what you think you will become!

Having an attitude of gratitude about your current health will go along way to getting you healthy and fit in the future! First you "Sow" Your thoughts...and then you "Reap" the benefits!

Start by feeling grateful for your current state of health today whatever that might be! Especially when you get up in the morning be thankful for your body! We take our bodies for granted most of the time. I am so amazed at this vessel called our human body. We have been blessed to have such a wonderful body!

You may even write down why you are grateful for your health

For example:

1) I am grateful for my heart that beats everyday! It never takes a break and even thou I am not aware of it it still beats
2) I am grateful for my eyes to see such wonderful things!
3) I am grateful for my muscles that allow me to walk around and move!

I would write down 10 of these everyday!

Your thoughts and feelings will lead you to becoming more healthy!

Try this for thirty days and see how your body changes!

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Your Fitness Mentor,

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