Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Feel Fit Now In Your Mind!

Fitness is really a state of mind! Getting fit at first has nothing to do with the physical body!

Our bodies can do amazing things physically and even if you have never worked out before you can become super fit but it all starts off in your mind!

Your mind is the essential tool for fitness, if you have doubts, fears or think that you cannot get yourself to the gym or finish a workout program...then guess what? YOU CANT!

Whether you think you can or you think you can't...YOUR RIGHT! - Henry Ford

You can begin to feel healthy NOW! You can begin to love your body and feel joy and gratitude for the health you have now!

Take a look at your body! Its an amazing organism that we take for granted. Every day our heart beats, we don't ask it to just does! Or how about your muscles that move you from place to place and help you complete tasks that seem simple.

Makes you feel good just thinking that we live inside this incredible vessel called a human body.

If you can get yourself feel grateful for the body you have, if you can in your mind mentally be strong and know that you can do anything physically..then everything will change!

You will become healthy because you have re-programed your mind to accept that your body is healthy!

Do you remember the story of the women who picked up the back end of a car to free her daughter from being crushed? - Do you think she was training with weights every single day and making her body stronger for that? No! It was her state of mind that made her lift that car off of her daughter. Strength had nothing to do with it.

You see - It is all a mindset! Get your mind in the right place a you can accomplish anything you want physically!

Come join us at our 1st Annual stair climbing competition in Hamilton, Ontario June 5th and 6th!

Trevor Folgering
Canada StairClimbing Association

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