Thursday, March 18, 2010

Not Following the Crowd...

Its easy to get swept away in workoutmania. Buying every fitness magazine and health book that you find and trying out different routines or nutritional programs.

We all have vast quantities of information at hand, yet most people just jump from idea to idea without giving much thought to the source or if what they are trying makes any sense for their body!

I have a few simple rules to achieve fitness success.

1) Do Not Follow The Crowd: Listen most people buy books and magazines that are either hyped up or do not give advice based on the users body type and genetic disposition. For the most part magazines like Oxygen, Muscle and Fitness and other such publications can give good information, but you must learn to not follow everything you read. Take advice from magazines with a grain of salt. The same holds true for fitness books. If the concepts that the book talks about is good, then devise a 6 week plan to follow the advice. Stick with this advice and see if within 6 weeks your body and fitness levels change. Rule of thumb - If you follow the crowd you will be slaughtered.

2) Keep It Simple Stupid! - Training, working out and nutrition in its basic form is very easy and straightforward. If you are a beginner you must build the basics before delving into more complicated processes. Much the same as building a house. I would not assemble the roof first and then build the foundation. Start with 5 basic exercises that will work the entire body. Master those and then add to your exercise selection. Same with diet. Do not change things up every week, or add something into the diet just because you heard it was good. Stick with a basic nutrition program for at least three months. If you do not see any changes in the first two months then you need to adjust either nutrition or training

3) Seek professional help - Listen no one is an island. I have had many fitness mentors through my career helping me and showing me better ways of doing something. You cannot figure it out alone. Even if you could it is still great to have a professional help you out. You will get fit twice as fast with less aggravation

The easiest thing to do is listen to everyone else and not listen to yourself. Its best to start to know your body and know how it responds to exercise and diet. If you do not hone your intuitive skills and listen you will get lost in the vast world of workoutmania and never see any appreciable results!

As always we are here to help you along the way!

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