Monday, March 15, 2010

Super Size Me! YUCK!

I watched Super Size Me yesterday. I saw it last year but I wanted to refresh my memory! If you remember the movie at all it is about this man who eats nothing but McDonalds for thirty days!

It is a little bit disturbing however I want to point out what is very obvious and not so obvious in the film.

1) McDonalds is POISON! At the end of the movie the doctor was actually worried for this poor man's health! He was totally shocked at what McDonalds can do to the body. The food that he ate actually was destroying his liver! It was as if he went on a two week bender!

2) The Fast Food industry in general is killing people. This is not just my observation obviously. Since the fast food industry has been around we as a society have become larger, fatter and more sick then ever before. Look at 1920's to the late 1940's Cancer was a disease that no one really had! Now its 1 out of every three North American's are suffering. Do you think its the fast food that we eat?? YES!

3) Fast Food is psychologically addictive! Yes it is! In the movie if the main character did not eat Mcdonalds he would get headaches, experience mood swings and be lethargic and depressed. Sounds like the body is trying to get rid of all those toxins!

4) As a society we have gotten lazy. Yes there is fast food at every corner, but if we only brought our own snacks and food with us there would be no need to go to these places.

5) The fast food industry has got society hooked. The fast food industry spends billions and billions of dollars on marketing and advertising a year in order for you to keep going back. They use special promotions and hook up to different events that have special meaning to us, ex: The Olympics or have an Olympic or professional athlete endorse the food! sell outs!

6) They have brain washed kids - Yup they know they have to hook in the kids or else the fast food industry will eventually die.

7) They have convinced the general public that they have healthy food items. - Here is a news alert! Even their salads have sugar on them!!!! Yes we know sugar is addicting!The healthy items on the menu are far and few between, and most people do not go to McDonalds to get a salad...

8)Most people know they are overweight, but still keep going! HUH??? Can you say addictive, lazy behavior!

9) Kids are getting sicker and sicker eating this junk, and as a society most people don't give a shit because money talks and bullshit walks right?

10) Its not just McDonalds to blame. Our whole nutritional education is off kilter and most families have no idea how to properly feed their kids. In addition the schools do not make it any easier as there is still coke, chips and other processed foods at schools. Most kids grab a coke, chips and some cookies for lunch. And we wonder why our kids are getting labeled as ADD and ADHD....hmmmmmmm!

There is a lot more to say about this movie, but that covers the main points. Gets me pissed that most people do not care about there health and just continue to shovel this harmful food into their mouths!

In the 21st century are we not smarter then this????

Trevor Folgering
Step Up Canada

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