Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stair Climbing Soars In Popularity

Spring time is here! With the nice weather approaching more people are getting outside and enjoying the great weather. With this great weather comes a great workout outside. One workout that is becoming increasingly popular is stair climbing!

Stair climbing? Yes stair climbing! Stair climber have increased in record numbers over the years and for good reason! Climbing multiple levels of stairs is an amazing workout for not only the legs core and upper body but also for losing body fat!

Getting a 20 minute stair climbing workout is equal to one hour spent in the gym! You are much more efficient climbing a set of stairs then running on the treadmill for an hour! Talk about bang for your buck!

In addition athletes such as cyclists, runners, triathletes, and football players are enjoying the much needed benefits of stair climbing. Stair climbing is an amazing activity that will increase the explosive power in the legs therefore producing greater gains in sports where major leg endurance is needed!

Moreover stair climbing is a low impact sport, which means less stress on the knees, lower back and hips. I have worked with many stair climbers that have knee issues and they find that climbing stairs does not effect their knees whatsoever.

Come try something fun and meet great people! Stair climbing is one of those exercises that has some powerful health benefits!

The Canada StairClimbing Association hosts several meet up groups across the GTA if your interested sign up! Its FREE!

For more meet up group info check out our main meet up group page

Stair climbing is BOOMING! Grab a some stairs in your area! Become a member of the Canada StairClimbing Association!

Until Next Time...

Take the Stairs, because elevators are for wimps! :)

Trevor Folgering
The Canada StairClimbing Association

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