Saturday, November 6, 2010

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Get Fit Fast With Our Fitness Tips of The Month
Tip of the Month for November 2010

Training should be viewed not just about the physical workload placed on the body, but the mental limits set on the mind. Many people do not realize how much the mind plays into becoming fit and healthy. The mind plays an important role in the strength of your body. For best results add in visualization work at the end of each workout session. Lie with your feet up against a wall, close your eyes and imagine what your body is going to look like. Train your mind to believe you already have the body and health of your dreams. What the mind believes the body will achieve!


Nutrition is the critical component that links your work and the results you get. Really its the missing link behind the physical workouts. You can have all the amazing workouts in the world, but if your missing link is nutrition then you will not get the results you are after! Make sure to think of your body as a high performance car. You do not put in diesel fuel into a high performance car, nor would you put in processed sugary junk into your body. Make sure to eat clean burning carbohydrates, ample amounts of proteins and healthy polyunsaturated fats and drink plenty of water!


Climbing multiple sets of stairs is a great activity that burns more calories then running, lifting weights or any other type of cardiovascular activity. WHY? Because you are moving your center of gravity vertically, creating great demands on the muscular system and cardiovascular package. No other type of sport (aside from running up mountains) creates the need for vasts amounts of oxygen and ample amounts of explosive activity from the lower body. For best results start slow and increase the amount of stairs climbed during each session!
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