Thursday, November 11, 2010

Regina Stair Climb Race Logistics Explained HERE!

So for all of our participants and athletes that are In Tier 2,3 and 4 I would like to quickly give you a visual description of how the race will be run and how you will enter and exit the stairwells.

I will be uploading a blueprint of the Delta Hotel's blueprint of the second floor and convention area so all of you have a clear idea of what to do on race day!

So the race will begin just beyond the elevators on the second floor. You will see the stairwell doors just beyond this point. All athletes will be lined up just outside the stairwell doors.

You willl see the chip timer station at the doorway and this is where your actual chip timer will go off, as you enter the stair well.

When you enter the stairwell, you will go down a short flight of stairs. (approx 6 steps)

Turn left and proceed up to the third floor, continue climbing until you get to the 25th floor!

When you get to the 25th floor, proceed through the door, your chip timer will automatically stop timing at this point, TURN LEFT!!! Turning right will automatically disqualify you from the race

You will pass pop machines on your left as well as the elevator, as you pass the elevator the stairwell entrance to go back down to the start is on your left.

Proceed through this door and go back down to the second floor. (This stairwell numbering is colored in YELLOW!

When you get to the second floor level, proceed straight and then you will climb a short set of stairs. (approx 6 steps) You will then see a door straight ahead of you! Proceed through this door and turn right!

The entrance to the RED stairwell is straight ahead of you!

Once you enter into the RED stairwell your chip timer will start up again!

Complete the designated number of rounds for your Tier!

Once you have finished your rounds and you make it back to the 25th floor for the last time, instead of turning left, turn RIGHT!!!

You will see the FINISH LINE right in front of you, proceed through the finsih line and your chip timer will stop and record your final time!

Just to let you know that I completed this twice. I did a dry-run to see how long it would take me. Here are my times:

Lap 1 - 2:36
Lap 2 - 2:22
Lap 3 - 2:31
Lap 4 - 2:57

Four rounds without lap times. Total time of 19 minutes and 11 seconds. Thats 4 times up and 4 times down.

Sign up for our March 13th 2011 event here!!!!!

Till next time!

Trevor Folgering
The Canada StairClimbing Association

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