Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Get yourself into PEAK STATE!

Good day everyone!

Today I want to share with you some insights on staying motivated in and outside of the gym. How you can instantly keep yourself on track and in the right state of mind so that you can achieve all your fitness goals!

This blog is not about goal setting, or writing what you want to accomplish down on paper. What I want to talk about is your actual mind-body connection and how you can change your physiology instantly so that you can become super focused and stay on track!

Many people have a tough time sticking to a workout routine. They either do not get the results they are after, or find going to the gym a chore. There are lots of other rationalizations or justifications that people will use, and they usually are centered around the concept of time. i.e - do not have enough time to exercise.

This can all be overcome by actually changing our physiology (The way we function)
Changing our physiology is really fairly simple, but demands a good amount of concentration. When applied correctly we can get ourselves to do ANYTHING! Especially working out!

First close your eyes! I want you to go back and remember a time when you were doing something you loved to do. It could be anything: visiting a friend, going for a walk with the dog, going for a hike, or maybe it was going for coffee.

I want you to try to remember what it felt like to do this certain task. Try to remember the feelings that are associated with the task. Did you feel copious amounts of pleasure? What were the things that you were doing an saying to yourself that made it so easy to complete?

As you are thinking back do you feel your state change? Do you feel your physiology change?? If you really enjoyed the task that you are thinking about then I hypothosis that your physiology is changing!

You are getting yourself into "Peak State"

Peak state simply refers to changing your bodies physiology to a very high level.

In order to follow through on your fitness goals, you must get your mind and body into peak states. You must feel pleasure when going to the gym, not pain, and you must be able to do this on a continuous basis.

First you must have do and say things that actually get you into a peak state.

For myself its music. Once I have my earphones in my head, I am lost in my own little world. There have been many times in the gym when I just start dancing and moving with the music in my head. Of course to the curious observer this seems very absurd, however I am getting myself into peak state.

Another thing that gets me into peak state is a quick 2-3 minutes of visualizations. I train every morning at 5:30 am. My routine is always the same. Get up, change into my clothes, Drink Green tea, have a protein shake, then sit for 2-3 minutes with my eyes closed and actually visualize myself getting stronger, climbing stairs faster, having more speed and more agility in the gym, losing the body fat and feeling fantastic. Two to three minutes is enough to get me pumped and ready to fly out the door.

This process is very powerful! As the saying goes, where the mind goes the body will follow.

One last suggestion is to find something that works for YOU! You may need to experiment and find out what really excited you and makes you want to work out. Maybe its a picture of your kids and the the thought of you not being here because you didn't take care of yourself will push you to the gym. Or maybe you need to do something physical like jump up and down and scream, I am lean mean fat burning machine! As silly as you may works! It absolutely works!

If your an avid person who is working out, why don't you share some of your tips and ideas on how to get into a peak state for working out, so others can benefit from your experience! Leave your comments below! Thanks!

Till next time!!

Trevor Folgering
The Canada StairClimbing Association

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