Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Three Months From The 2011 Regina Stair Climb For Shelter

Well this event is just over three months away and I hope that you have started training for it even if its on the stepper at the gym. You really do not need to do any stair climbing for this event but it would help.

For information regarding training for a stair race WITHOUT climbing stairs, check out out other blog entries.

For those of you who want to start training for this event on actual stairs we have a stair climbing meet up group that meets every Sunday night at 5:00 and Wednesday night at 5:30. The cost is really inexpensive; a yearly membership to the Canada StairClimbing Association. The cost is only 45.00. If you do not want to purchase a membership it is 20.00 a climb with a minimum of a five climb sign up.

To purchase a membership please go here

To register for the 2011 Regina Stair Climb For Shelter go here

The Race promises to be an exciting event, filled with entertainment for audience members viewing the race and great prizes for participants climbing the stairs.

For further information regarding the race and all the details please visit our events page

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Here are our facebook pages:

The 2011 Regina Stair Climb For Shelter Community


The Canada StairClimbing Association

Please support this wonderful Charity that helps fight for women who are in abusive relationships. Come down on March 13th 2011 and climb some stairs for an amazing charity!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us


or by Phone


Hope to see you soon!

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