Friday, November 5, 2010

The Key to Top Fitness and Health Performance

What is the true definition of fitness?? Is it how much weight you can push, how flexible you are, or how long you can stay in the gym for??

Well no, the true definition of fitness is as follows:

Being able to do more work in less time!

Thats it! Really in a nut shell if I have person A training for an hour and Person B trains for an hour, but person A does 12 exercises and Person B does 5, then Person A is more fit then Person B!

Pretty simple isnt it?

But the fun really begins when you start increasing your own fitness levels to higher and higher levels, testing how much your body can really handle in a given amount of time.

What really is fascinating to me is how fast the body can adapt to this type of training.

Next time you want to see how fit you are see how many exercises you can do in an hour.
Try supersetting, tri-setting or even running through circuits. Any of these are acceptable forms of pushing the body to new heights.

You will be surprised from week to week how quickly your body will transform and get fitter. It doesnt take long especially if you are on top of your nutrition.

Goal for you: Increase your fitness level by adding two exercises every week, and next time you see that big burly bodybuilding pushing heavy weights, youll know that you will be more fit them he is!

Good luck and Have fun!

Trevor Folgering
Canada StairClimbing Association

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