Monday, October 19, 2009

10 Fitness Tips!

Here are 10 tips that will help you become successful in your fitness quest in 2009

1) Tell a Buddy - Telling a friend about your fitness goals will keep you accountable for your actions. You want to tell as many people as you can about your fitness goals. This way your friends will help you to stay on track

2) Find Out Your “WHY.” - It is very important to figure out “WHY” you are starting an exercise program! Emotion is much stronger then rational thinking. Figure out why you are making a lifestyle change and your chances of success will skyrocket. (Please see blog above for more info)

3) Plan Your Workouts. Make sure that you are scheduling your workouts ahead of time. Treat your workouts like a business meeting that cannot be moved. Be consistent, if you are starting to workout every second day, then schedule your workout in your daytimer or blackberry and DO NOT MOVE IT!

4) Plan your meals ahead of time. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!” If you do not plan meals ahead of time you will be forced to grab fast food or an unhealthy treat when you in a rush. Cook meals on a Sunday, and make sure you have enough to cover yourself till Saturday morning.

5) Prepare yourself mentally - Often times overlooked, mental preparation is far more important then actually working out. Make sure you spend some time as soon as you wake up to actually visualize how you want your body to look like. Cut out pictures of the body that you would like to obtain and post them in spots that will make you excited and stay motivated. i.e. - Fridge, Bathroom Mirrors etc.. Make your mind strong, and your body will follow

6) Do more then just cardio,cardio, cardio - Cardio alone will not do the trick in changing the body. You must incorporate all aspects of fitness and health. Strength train, stretch, include core training, muscular endurance exercises and functional fitness exercises. If you do not know how to start hire our online trainers to help you get going!

7) Drink Water - Another overlooked application of weight loss. Water is the most abundant nutrient in our bodies. If you are dehydrated your body will not be able to break down fat and dispose of it. Your organs and other tissues will become toxic and not function properly. To avoid this and to aid in flushing out “FFAs” (Free Fatty Acids) Drink 2-3 liters DAILY! (Or until your urine is clear)

8 - Train with a buddy or hire a personal trainer! Often times the biggest obstacles in our fitness success is ourselves. We often do not know how to properly eat, train and recover and this is largely due to the misinformation that the media has fed us though the years. Get educated and hire a personal trainer to teach you everything you need to know about fitness and health. Even if you cannot afford it ask yourself this question “How CAN I afford it?” Take the time too see if you can cut back on other luxury items to free up some extra spending money, so you CAN AFFORD IT!

9) Be Grateful for Your Body. Being grateful for your health is the cornerstone in improving your body. Spend a little time each day to thank your body for giving you a gift. Your heart that keeps on beating, no coffee break, no lunch break, even if you’re not aware of it. Your eyes that let you see the most amazing things. You ears that let you hear magnificent sounds. When you are in total gratitude of your body then you will begin to see immense physical changes.

10) Being Balanced and in the moment. - Life is all about balance. Having an obsessive nature about exercise is not healthy. Once you start becoming obsessive about every calorie that is ingested then you are taking steps backwards. Be absolutely certain that you will maintain balance in your physical body, your spiritual mind and the outside world. Our bodies like to be in balance. Be present in everyday moments. Many people let their minds go on automatic pilot and just act like robots. Make sure to be present on daily tasks and events. Your body and mind will thank you.

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In True Health!

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