Monday, October 19, 2009

What is Your Why?

There are many people in 2009 that will start to follow a healthy lifestyle. They will cut out the heavy drinking, become more health conscience and start an exercise routine.

Unfortunately for every 10 people that start being healthy 9 will actually revert back to their old habits.


Everyone knows that being healthy is so important! Especially in today’s world where we have more obese individuals then non-obese.

I have found that I can teach a person the tools to get fit, and I can tell them the so called secrets and show them exactly what to do, however if this person is left to their own devices 9 out of 10 times they will revert back to old habits.

I believe that you need a strong enough “WHY” when trying to obtain a healthy lifestyle. A lot of us know that we should exercise, eat healthy, stop smoking, quit drinking, but many of us do not develop a strong enough “why” and therefore never follow through!

Your emotions are so much stronger then your rational thinking. If you get enough emotion behind why you would like to do something, then you’ll find just about any way to complete it!
The secret to living a healthy lifestyle for LIFE is to have 10 WHYS for every doubt. You must create a “WHY I NEED TO GET HEALTHY” List.

This list is filled with emotion, and desire.
Its cant be something like this..
1) To lose 10 lbs2) so my husband won’t call me fat anymore..

If you say these things to yourself that might inspire you for a day!

You have to get emotional!

For me exercise has a deep spiritual side, where if I don’t actually physically exercise I actually feel less spiritual, less connected with God! I believe that being physical is actually something that we were meant to do as human beings and to not have fitness in your life is like slapping your creator in the face.

So what is your “WHY?”

Come up with at least 10 “WHYS” that will get you moving, even if its just walking outside for 10 minutes, at least you are developing that habit!

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In True Health!
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