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Three Weight Loss Mistakes That You Should Not Do!
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I am going to let you in on three basic nutrition mistakes that most people start to make when embarking on a weight loss program. Follow the Action Plan listed after every mistake and your sure not to go wrong! For more information regarding fitness and health email Check out our website!


Not consistently eating every three hours.

As a culture we have been programmed to think that eating less will help us lose weight. Many fad diets have taught us to reduce your calories that you eat in a day and you will lose weight!

Heck, even Oprah preaches about this: “Eat Less and Move more”

However our bodies are not designed like this. You see by decreasing the amount of food that you eat during the day; you actually decrease the metabolism in the body

There is a fancy word: “metabolism” what does that mean? Metabolism refers to all chemical reactions that happen in the body. This could refer to hair growth, nail growth, skin regeneration, digestion, elimination, and a hundred million different other reactions including the process of “fat burning”

Our cells depend on us to give them the proper fuel to fulfill these chemical reactions. If for some reason the cells do not get the proper fuel they automatically slow down and stop doing there job properly.

The point is that you need to be fueling you body every three hours. This will keep your metabolic rate humming along, and it will also keep your blood sugar levels from crashing and you feeling miserable!


Look at your daily schedule: Pencil in the times that you can have a quick snack. Ideally you would like to have the following
6am – wake-up
7 am Breakfast
10 am Mid-Morning snack
12:30 lunch
3:00 pm Mid-afternoon snack
6:00 small dinner
9:00 small snack
Note: These meals are very small and are not the traditional three square meals a day!


Not taking in enough water

The most overlooked aspect of any fitness program is WATER! Water is such an important facet in trying to lose weight, but it is often overlooked by most fitness professionals!

Why is water so important, you ask? Well for one your body is 70 percent water! That has to give you some indication of how important it is to the vital organs of your body.

-Blood is 83% water
-Muscles are 75% water
-The brain is 74% water
-Bone is 22% water

Without proper intake of water, your body would start to such down, toxins start forming in the blood and in vital organs, and your body can become very toxic.

Water - The Miracle Worker

Simple water is truly a "wonder drug." Without chemicals, additives, or anything unnatural, a steady dose of 2 liters a day will:
-Improve Your Energy
-Increase Your Mental and Physical Performance
-Remove Toxins & Waste Products from your body
-Keep Skin Healthy and Glowing
-Help You Lose Weight
-Reduce Headaches and Dizziness
-Allow for proper Digestion
-Help to keep you more Alkaline

Go to your local Wal-mart. There you will find a 2.2 liter water bottle.
Drink at least one of these per day!


Not Eating Enough Protein throughout the Day

This is a big one for women. I consult with mostly women. Every single woman I have ever talked to does not take in enough protein.

Protein is the building blocks of all our cells in the body. Without enough of this important macronutrient it is impossible to see changes in the body.

Protein is so important in a weight loss prospective because it is extremely thermogenic. Meaning it takes the body a longer time to break protein down into its usable form that it actually speed the metabolism up!

In addition our muscles are made up of amino acids: (The breakdown of Protein in the body) without sufficient protein in the body, you will not see a change in your muscle shape or size.

Women are often scared of taking protein because of on thought. They don’t want to become muscular. Taking in protein will not cause you to become overly muscular. Women have not enough testosterone in the body to fully develop muscles like a man would. Therefore taking in copious amounts of protein will only cause the body to excrete the excess through the urine.

How Much Protein Do I Need?

To see changes in the body most women should aim for 1.0 grams of protein per lb of lean body mass.

There for if a women weighs 130 lbs and her lean mass is 100 (Fat free mass) Then she should take in roughly 100 grams of protein throughout the day.

100x1.0grams = 100 grams

Take 100 grams and divide it into 6 small meals a day

100/6 = 16.6 or 17 gram per meal.

So for every meal you would need 16 grams of protein, which is easy to do. A small chicken breast contain 20 grams already, combine that with a nice salad, and you have a great meal!


Go to your local grocery store to do some grocery shopping. Buy the following items for some tasty protein sources

1) Skinless/Boneless Chicken
2) Cottage Cheese (low fat or 1%)
3) Tuna
4) Salmon
5) Lean cut of steak or meat (Center cuts)
6) Eggs
7) Extra lean ground beef
8) Chic Peas

Then go to your local Vitamin Store and buy some protein powder.

See you next time!

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