Monday, October 19, 2009

CN Tower Training Routine

Hey guys!
Training is going well! I feel very fit and my cardio is really high. This morning I did at least 20 exercises in a span of a hour and then did a slow 20 minutes of recovery cardio on the elliptical machine and some relaxing stretching.
Yesterday I did stairs and did 13 times up the dundurn stairs with a 25 lb plate on my back (in a backpack) It was great I finished 10 in 53 minutes and 45 seconds and then did 2 more with the weight and then did the last one without weight.
Tomorrow I am back on the stairs doing a time trial and some more conditioning. Friday is Arms, core, and saturday is a day off.
I wish I was a competitive athlete who was paid just to train eat, sleep and compete. Oh well, we can all dream right? I guess its off to work now.
If you guys want to interact with me by all means! email me or send me your thoughts on the website. (Which is looking quite in good form) I want to know how you guys train etc, Ill help you out the best I can.
Talk soon!

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