Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Feeling Under the Weather

Hi all!

Well I am a bit under the weather for the past couple of days. A little depressing considering I have trained so hard for the last 3 months. But that happens right? I feel 90 percent, just a stuffy nose and a little tired.

I finished my last stair workout this morning, just going up and down the dundunr stairs 6 times which is the equivaant to the cn tower. Felt ok until the 5th time up, when my legs felt weak slightly tired, it was a wired feeling.

I am going to take the next 3-4 days to rest up and make sure my body is 100 percent going into Saturday morning.

I have updated the members area, and added a few new wigdets...

I will be writing the two articles I promised right after the tower climb

Take Care!


Canada StairClimbing Association

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