Monday, October 19, 2009

Stairs, Stairs and More Stairs!

Yup another stairclimbing workout at the dundurn stairs in Hamilton On. Did 16 times up and down, which took an hour and seven minutes, not too shabby. On the last one I did 10 squats per landing which is a total of maybe 1000 squats??...not too sure on the numbers on sure felt like it thou.
Tomorrow is easy arms, core and easy recovery cardio, Saturday is a blissful day off and Sunday is a time trial again.
Only 15 more days till im up the tower! woohoo! My girlfriend want to do the climb with me, which is even more exciting!
On the website front things are looking better and better. I have posted a lot of updates and will be adding a wiki, as soon as I figure out how to unzip the file.
If you guys need anyting just let me know. Sign up for a free membership and converse with other members!
Well just a short post today,
keep ya guys updated on whats going on!

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