Sunday, October 25, 2009

CN Tower Climb Results

Well I have finished the CN Tower Climb, My 7th time up, and I feel i gave it my all, but up short in beating my Personal Best. I finished the climb in 12:25 minutes, my PB was 11:33 minutes.

It was a good race up the tower and i am really happy that I finished it, but to be honest I was slightly disappointed.

I have to say by the halfway mark floor 72 I clocked in at 5minutes and 36 seconds. So If I had stayed on pace I would finished in 10:32, but that wasn't the case.

My girlfriend and I arrived at the tower around 5:15 am, yes we got up at 4 am! Woohoo! Registration was very easy and we waited in a group many people waiting to be let go and climb the tower.

By around 6:15 am est, the organizers let most people through to climb, we headed up the escalators and outside toward the looming CN Tower.

I ended up sprinting past at least 40-50 people as I wanted to be one of the first climbers to the top.

Before I started I was given a time card with a number punched in, I then started my watch and I was off!

It had been raining in the morning causing the first few floors to be wet, I almost slipped climbing around floors 1 and 2, but kept going, staying on my feet.

I started running up, driving through with the legs and letting my core do a lot of the work. I forget how tough the stairs are. The separation between each step is bigger then most that I have trained on, so I feel that immediately.

I ran to approx, floor 45, which I started to climb, grabbing the railings and driving hard through each leg.

As i got to floor 72 I checked my watch, 5 minutes and 36 seconds, I was on pace to break my PB.

As I continued I noticed I was slowing down. I could feel my lungs burning, my legs felt fine, not that fatigued.

I got to the 120th floor and looked down at my watch, 10 minutes and change. I thought to myself that there would be no beating my PB this year, but to finish strong.

I got to the 144th floor elated yet slightly Disappointed 12:25minutes, nothing close to the PB or the world record I want to beat.

My friends finished closely behind and as they started to calculate their times I noticed that they were all slower then last years.


It was very humid in the stairwell, Anthony my close friend told me. More humid then anytime he has climbed it (14 in total)

I pondered my results and figured there was always next year. As I head out onto the Observation deck with my girlfriend Tiffany to enjoy the Toronto view, I vowed to myself that I will break the 10 minutes mark in April 2010.

So I am happy that I made a great time, but want to do better.

Here are my goals coming into the winter season.

I will let my body take a break before coming back and training for the next CN Tower climb.

November 1st will start hard training again and I will be on a mission.

My goal is to become lighter, my weight needs to come down to at least 195 lbs, around 5 percent body fat. I was 210lbs 8 percent body fat

My leg explosiveness needs to increase, I will be focusing on doing more explosive movements in training.
I need to cut out heavy weight, and focus more on full body movements that will help climbing stairs. I will include some exercises that are compound movements like incline chest press, etc.. But will limit this
I would also like to find a huge condo in Toronto where I can train regularly starting in 2010
I would like to fin and talk to the World record Holder Brendan to see how he trained for the climb. I heard he took two years to get ready to do that.

So I will keep everyone updated on my progress. Hope everyone is well!

For more imformation on climbing the CN Tower or becoming a member of the Canada StairClimbing Association go to the Canada StairClimbing Association
Talk soon!


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