Sunday, October 18, 2009

Flying Folgering


Lol great title right? Well I am done the last hard stairclimbing workout before the CN Tower climb. My legs are tired and now its time to head into recovery week and do some major tapering.

Today I did my last time trial as well. I ended up getting 11:32 minutes for six times up the stairs. Not a record, but considering my hamstrings were mega sore and my lungs felt constricted cause of the cold and because of my blood donation last Thursday I believe I did very well.

I put on the 25 lb backpack and climbed an additional 10 times up and down, and then did four more times without weight. Which gave me a total of 20 times up and down.

Now its strictly getting the legs to be back at 100 percent again, so tomorrow I will be doing Chest and Core, no cardio, Tuesday will be my last stairclimbing workout, but this will be very easy, maybe 5-6 times up. Wednesday, Back,shoulders, core. Thursday will be a day off abd Friday will be a light cardio workout i.e - elliptical for 20 mintues and stretching

Ok, so enough about that.

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Hope everyone is doing well!

Trevor Folgering
Canada StairClimbing Association

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